Journal – 01/29/15

Blog_DoublePhotoGeneral Ramblings

Don’t have an overarching topic today, but I do have a grab-bag of things on my mind, which include:

Dream Update & Getting back in the groove

Excitement for my novel

General Bewilderment with People

Like any diary entry, I’m just trying to capture thoughts both to make sense of them, and for future use (but you never know when it can help somebody – that’s why I share!)

Dream Update and Back on Schedule

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I was going to both get a game-plan for documenting my dreams, and to get back on my regular schedule after almost three weeks of not. Well, the mills of the gods grind slowly, and the lazy big man moves the same, but as of today I’m back in the groove. The punchline is that getting back on my rigorous 3:30 a.m. wake up seems to have robbed me of the awesome dreams I was having (I’m sure they’ll return, but I think I spooked my dream maker with the new discipline). As it stands, I had the most useless dream which had me following the actor who lost the role of “House” to Hugh Laurie, in the dream he was like an unemployed understudy who might be asked to pinch hit if Laurie came up lame. And that’s what this dream was, lame! I’ll keep you posted if the Sandman comes through for me.

Blog_BNCoverGetting Jacked-up for my Novel

After five drafts executed in monk-like seclusion, I’ve finally had some trusted friends (i.e. people I know, but people who won’t blow smoke up my ass) read the full text for story review. And one of them volunteered to do a text edit (which I needed badly) which he returned to me last night. I’m stoked to see what he found, what recommendations he has and prepping the manuscript for another editorial review. Then I’ll finally be able to start selling or strategically giving it away, and I can’t wait to hear from readers like me, this was in many ways a labor of love, for storytelling, for imagination and for fun and I deeply want to share those feelings with people interested enough to read it. Sappy as it sounds, I LOVE this thing, and I want that love to touch every reader.

People Baffle Me

Look, this is just an insight I want to share. If you want the outcomes of your life to be different, you need to change your life a corresponding amount. If you want an extra $20K, your life needs to change $20K worth of value. If you want to meet and befriend quality people, you need to meet probably 100 people for every 1 of quality. This isn’t an opinion, it’s an easily tested premise. This is a long preamble to restate an old truism, there’s no such thing as something for nothing. And restated another way, there’s no big result for small effort. If you want something, be prepared for major sacrifice of your status quo, anything else is a childish fantasy. End of rant!