Stories & Anecdotes

SS_ClownVegas: Giant Clowns, Strange Vibes and Babes
I’m in hour 29 of a reverse sensory deprivation jag brought on by discount travel packages and short trips backward and forward in time and reason. I took flight from the desert at 12:00 am Nevada time and hitting DC at 7:30, and have somehow convinced myself the best way to regain my equilibrium is to force myself awake for 48ish hours…


SS_WerewolfWerewolves: Teaching magic, or just scaring the hell out of my nephews? – Don’t know how successful I was in getting my point across in this. I just want to state explicitly, I’m not advocating randomly terrifying children, just letting them know there’s more to life than death, taxes and reality TV. There’s magic, baby, real magic.


SS_FlatOmens, Best intentions and Flat Tires – Crazy day yesterday. Forgive the rough nature of the text, this all kind of flooded out. At a high level this is almost an addendum to the “Male Madness” story. But it’s really an insight into my inability to just allow things to be what they are without putting meaning where there is none. But that’s art, baby!


SS_NewYorkKickin’ it on Wall Street – A meditation brought on by a recent business trip. The place and its myth resonates will any artist, but this time it took some drum banging to remind me of what’s important.



SS_ToolsMale Madness – Are men crazy? Or do we just “get it”, it’s still an open question but this tale of auto repair will show my bias.



SS_KingLearAm I in the Storm…or just Wendy’s? – This is why visual artists shouldn’t be allowed to write. I was taking a seminar at the Theater Lab in DC on King Lear, while experiencing the realization that the woman I loved above all was gone like the ante-bellum south was gone. This is the “long” version, including the quotes from Lear which I thought added gravitas…it just shows I’m no writer. But, hey, this is a website, ephemeral as smoke in the wind, so I’m puttin’ it in for now.

Coming Soon
The Road Warrior, Acid Foot and Pants-less Joe. Tales of the homeless learned while eatin’ Big Mac’s on lunch breaks.