About the Author

Gillis_portraitMy name is Greg Gillis, and I’m committed to creating new worlds for you. At the moment, I’m doing it by writing novels.

I do it because I love it, but also in the hopes that it might get you thinking about picking up a pencil again, playing that instrument you let drop from your life, or just giving you a great book to read.

I live just across the river from Washington, D.C., where I’ve helped companies and governments create better ways to help you get things done. A side benefit was gaining insights into the worlds of high finance, big politics, global enterprises, and the human drama that make them happen.

I’m an urban creature raised in suburbia, thought my primary passion is creating, I love dining out, film, theater, ballet and the visual arts. Of course I read every day, bouncing between “high” and “low” art – distinctions I came to loathe in my college years. If it speaks to you – it’s art.

In my life I’ve been a fast food cook, gardener, movie usher, hotel houseman, personal trainer, gym manager, government graphic artist, freelancer, sales trainer, construction worker, mover, illustrator, art director, designer, web developer, usability consultant, information architect, student, son, brother, uncle and always an artist.