Journal – 01/30/15

Icon_ThumbsUpWeekly Round-up!

Yeeha! Another work week in the can, and looking forward to creating a weekend worth living. Just want to jot down a few things of note – both what needs to be done moving forward, and things to remember.

UrgentNeed to Get Locked Down

  1. Schedule and deadline for incorporating Ted’s edits into “Black Nouveau”
  2. Commit to daily schedule (I’ve let my bed time slip, a crucial discipline I’ve ignored for three weeks).
  3. Create formal 90-day goal sets.

In addition to these “life framing” activities, I seriously need a haircut (look like
a hippie), have to add that to the usual weekend errands. Importantly, I’ll put the kibosh on this week-long hangover from my flu – I saw it coming, didn’t successfully combat it. But a lazy week isn’t the worst thing, if it doesn’t become a lazy month! (I’ll tell you this, if you don’t have a specific, outcome focused day defined random environmental inputs like freezing weather, dark skies and Netflix become much stronger opponents!)

Celebrating with Ted

Ted_SaxFriend and fellow artist Ted Onulak (check out his music and words) was kind enough to do a full text and story edit on my novel which was a huge help by itself. But then he prepared an awesome meal, cracked open the fine wine and treated me to a celebration of the work. There’s nothing better than having friends who are fellow artists – must be the way expats feel when they hook up with fellow homies.



 Cultivate Excellence

ChessThe angel and devil on my shoulders tend to represent a blurry mediocrity and focused excellence. Unfortunately I appear to be perfectly comfortable with either during the cold snap that’s started in earnest here in the DC area. For me, the way I’m wired, I have to tackle everything with an eye toward excellence or the opposite will be the case. I can’t sleepwalk through grocery shopping, cleaning and the like then snap out of it and get all genius-y with my creative work. So, as soon as I punch “publish” on this thing, I’m going to write my schedule for tomorrow, and get a great nights sleep!

Thanks for taking the time to join me, even if we’ve never met know that I genuinely want you to have the life you want – be kind, be excellent!