These cartoons represent my terribly unsuccessful attempt to establish a syndicated cartoon strip, “The Eighth Circle”. To prove that I could actually cartoon while remaining employed, I took a weekend to and did a humor “boot camp”. The following is the result, perhaps I should’ve been cleaning my gutters, but you be the judge!

Icon_CoolCat Those wacky animals!

Sure, anthropomorphic animals are an old gag…but it’s still funny!

Series of six cartoons.



Dance_iconRomance…well, maybe not

Ain’t nothing funnier than people in love, except maybe, people trying to get love or get rid of it.

Series of six cartoons.




Hey, I like working as much as the next guy, but sometimes I just shake my head ruefully.

Series of eight cartoons.



colsatan_iconMixed Nuts

Okay, these are just strange, no excuses, but there’s no way to classify these things. Look, sometimes I just think things are funny, don’t bust my chops!

Series of eleven cartoons.