90 Day Transition: Overview

90_Day_TransitionWhat this is:

A group of 90-day goals, supported by “commitment contracts” created on Stickk.com. Each goal carries the potential loss of $50 per week. I’ve used this process before with great results, and want to share it with you in the hopes that you or someone you know can pick up some useful information and maybe get some goals of your own on track. 

Why am I writing about it here?

Two reasons. The first being I can use all the eyes on me I can get, helps to keep me on track. Second, I want to encourage you to take action on any goal you may have lurking, be it great or small. Committing to a goal is a decision, decisions are life, the more decisions you make the more alive you are – this is true for all of us.


On Sunday March 1, 2015 I will create three 90-day commitment contracts on Stickk.com, each Sunday thereafter in addition to reporting on Stickk, I’ll  write a blog post to “report” to you on whether I’ve succeeded or failed for that week. In this “report” I’ll discuss the things that contributed to the outcome (i.e. actions taken, mental state, unexpected situations, etc.)


The three goals I’ve selected were chosen for two reasons, the first is for the goal itself – each are things that contribute to larger life goals. Second are the effects successfully completing these goals have on my “ecosystem” – they affect me from beginning of a day to the end. I’ll detail these secondary benefits under each goal to give you some context.

Black Nouveau Novel – Final Edits
90_editEdit a minimum of 25 pages per week. Starting at page 7 of 331, the goal period is just short of completion, but the intention is to complete the book in this period. If goal completes early, it rolls over to “Hard Knox” second draft.

Secondary benefit: To be successful with this, I will need effective time management as well as commitment to my “bed time” (which has been slipping!)

Weight Loss
90_cakeLose a minimum of 1 pound per week. Starting weight 287 ending weight 275.

Secondary benefit: I tend to stuff my yap after the work day, a terrible habit and one I don’t tend to notice if I don’t have a reason. Also, while I’m good with regular exercise, the weight loss metric keeps me focused.

Blog posts
90_lightbulbWrite and post a minimum of 3 posts per week.

Secondary benefit: When I workout and write prior to my workday, I tend to be pretty wiped at the end of the day and will often just zone out. I don’t like the way that feels, and having these short writing goals keep me engaged up to sleep time.

Follow my progress (and start your own)

When I post the goals tomorrow, I’ll update this post with links to the goals on Stickk and will invite you to check them out. If you’re interested in creating your own goals, and could use some help, I’d be happy to help!