Journal – 2/17/15 – Potpourri

Journal_IconGrab-bag of things on my mind

Just a quickie to offload some brain detritus that’s piled up the last week or so. A long weekend (President’s Day) got longer by a day with the Federal Government closing for the day. I had the opportunity to work from home but chose to burn some vacation and make it a 4-day weekend. I’ll probably regret that toward the end of the year, but as I’ll get into, I haven’t been in the best head space of late! Continue reading Journal – 2/17/15 – Potpourri

Journal – Perfidy thy name is Sleepy’s!

Sleepys_IconI might be overstating.

It’s President’s Day and I’m stuck in my apartment looking out my ice encrusted windows like a sad puppy in a pet store. Why? The scheduled delivery of my mattress yesterday was cancelled due to mechanical failure (a fact I was informed of at the end of the four hour delivery window) and would have to be rescheduled to today. It’s just about the fourth hour of the five hour delivery window and I ain’t feeling all that great about how I’m going to sleep tonight! Continue reading Journal – Perfidy thy name is Sleepy’s!

Noodling: Why Crazy be Good!

C_CrazyIconHow can people change?

I actively devote time coaching people toward success, which naturally includes the “how do I do it” part, and the doing part is pretty simple it’s the “who’s doing it” part that’s tough. Why? Cuz’ we’re all crazy!

But that’s actually good news, the thing that makes us crazy is the exact thing that gives us the power to make the lives we want to live (if we’re not in a war zone, we can feed and clothe ourselves, and we’re free of the threat of imminent death). Continue reading Noodling: Why Crazy be Good!

Teachable: How NOT to Write a Novel

Icon_NOTWhy I’m an Expert on This Subject:

It took me something like ten years to finish my first novel, with the actual writing time being more like two years. When I wrote my second novel it took less than a year. I didn’t get better at it, I just got real at it. For me the value of experience is to pass it on in the hopes that other’s can benefit from your mental disorders. So, read on to (as it’s said in”The House of the Rising Sun”) not to do as I have done! Continue reading Teachable: How NOT to Write a Novel