Objects: The Evil Side of My New Kindle

The vulgar underbelly of digital comforts

DevilHeadYeah, I know, objects can’t be evil – I’m exaggerating for effect. For reasons that are best described as research (I’m figuring out how to create eBooks), I recently purchased a Kindle. It’s an elegant device, providing seamless access to a universe of books, and it may be one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. Continue reading Objects: The Evil Side of My New Kindle

Journal – 3/19/15: Process NOT Motivation

I ain’t no motivational speaker!

HandHoldingPenA few years ago, a friend of mine (who could really use a dose of what I’m dealing) asked about “that motivation thing” I was doing. He might as well have said “that sex trafficking thing” the way my internal alarms went off, though my friend wasn’t unique – a majority of people seem to think anything having to do with success is by definition “motivational”. Perish the thought! Continue reading Journal – 3/19/15: Process NOT Motivation

90 Day Transition: Week 1 Report

90_Day_Transition(Read the overview for the basics of this 90 day push.)

3 for 3 This Week

All in all a good week, but I have room for huge improvements. My planning wasn’t solid, my weight scale’s battery died and I didn’t remedy that till Thursday and I got an unpleasant surprise at the first weigh-in. Had to scramble to make weight on Saturday, but with a long session at the gym was able to hit weight. Also my focus on the editing task wasn’t anywhere near as sharp as it needs to be, which I’ll attribute to making the transition back to my earlier wake-up time. Overall my mental toughness needs to improve. Continue reading 90 Day Transition: Week 1 Report

Teachable: On the Shortness of Life

Seneca_SmallSeneca makes sense

I pimp the philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca’s “On The Shortness of Life” any chance I get, it’s short, easy to read and packed with life changing wisdom (if you choose to listen). I stumbled across Seneca’s work when doing research for the Fundamental Success seminar, found his elegant distillation of the source of our most existential dread refreshing, and wound up becoming a bit of a stoic fanboy Continue reading Teachable: On the Shortness of Life

Journal – 2/26/15: Quick Catch-up

00_Journal_IconThe road to hell…

Just going to post stream of consciousness-style so I get something up this week. My “blog beta” was five per week, which I found “doable” and beyond that creatively energetic. It’s very easy to labor over these things (blog posts), and get precious and “writerly”, and my goal is simply honest communication to you dear reader. Continue reading Journal – 2/26/15: Quick Catch-up