Journal – Perfidy thy name is Sleepy’s!

Sleepys_IconI might be overstating.

It’s President’s Day and I’m stuck in my apartment looking out my ice encrusted windows like a sad puppy in a pet store. Why? The scheduled delivery of my mattress yesterday was cancelled due to mechanical failure (a fact I was informed of at the end of the four hour delivery window) and would have to be rescheduled to today. It’s just about the fourth hour of the five hour delivery window and I ain’t feeling all that great about how I’m going to sleep tonight!

Sleepys_window(Side-note: Outside of sleeping on it, I haven’t thought about my mattress in over a decade. But from the second I bought the new one, I’ve developed a loathing for it, like someone sneaked in and left a filth-encrusted hobo mattress in my house. The mind is a silly thing.)

I’m being hyperbolic, I actually sort of love the fact that I’m “trapped” in my place this morning. (Not that I’m excusing shoddy customer service, but it’s not like I’m waiting for dialysis either.) Since this day started I’ve been able to do site updates here and on my Fundamental: Success site which if I wasn’t under house arrest would have gone undone for another week.

My life has a pretty simple but rigorous hierarchy that goes roughly “write/create > exercise > family > work for money > fun > social media” and frankly the social media gets short shrift. Mostly because I have few followers and until I start selling my first novel, there’s not much for people to do but read the random gibberish that spills so freely from my noggin.

Sleepys_MattressI’ve worked mad-hard over the years to get to a place where my biggest problem is when my mattress gets delivered, but I also tend to get trapped in rigid cycles and it helps when some outside agent shakes me out them. The mattress related delays over the past two days allowed me to do some “nesting” things – de-cluttering, organizing, cleaning, cooking, etc. as well as plan my next creative push. I’m excited like a kid before a Disneyland trip to get my book out into the world, but need to temper that because there remains some much needed editorial work to be done.

So, like a snow day (which I may be getting tomorrow, the DC area is under some kind of Armageddon-watch) this bit of being house-bound is a blessing in disguise. Think I’ll start that drawing of the Shadow I’ve been procrastinating on….

Get out there and create the day you want to live, be kind, be excellent!