Journal – 1/8/2013

I’m sitting in a coffee shop, surrounded by delightful aromas, and an eclectic selection of my neighbors. As best I can figure, the couple sitting next to me, a nebbishy bespectacled man and an attractive (but rather severe) woman, are engaged in what sounds like a Russian tutorial (she’s teaching him). Looking to my right, the Red Velvet Muffin and Coconut “Gluten Free” cookies look tempting, but the sandwiches are past their prime. The rest of the shops denizens range from Pacific Rim hipsters, earnest young professionals, and a well-wrapped octogenarian reading the Post.

I mention all of this, primarily to illustrate what a terrible choice the coffee shop was for doing graphics preparation for this site. For the most part, all of the art I created for the original version of is still viable, but there are a slew of images created for much lower resolution monitors. Whatever, just need to muscle through, so I can finish the migration and get back to just having fun with the site!

Today marked day two of my employment search, I’m gratified by the number of opportunities that are available, now I just need to plow through ‘em all and find the gem. Hope you’re having an excellent Tuesday, and look forward to chatting again soon!