Journal – 1/19/13

“Oooh Soouuuuperman!” A little girl at Barnes & Noble blurted that out, (she was on the floor in an odd posture that only little kids adopt, flipping through a large format photography book) to no one, she was just delighted and needed to get it out. This struck me for two reasons, her tone, and her unfiltered joy at seeing the character. Her tone was like what you’d hear when a kid sees Santa Claus, and her joy was instant. This is a character that’s 75 years old, and still has the power to make a kid involuntarily squeal out his name.

I just wanted to make a note of that brief moment, I want to remember the power that a great character can have, and redouble my efforts to create something that is that durable and wondrous.

Anyway, it was week three of the job search and lordy, is it a grind. Keeping my fingers crossed that this won’t be a protracted campaign, and that I can find an excellent team to join soon.