Journal – 02/05/15

Skeleton_IconSome Day’s Just Ain’t Right

Good God! What a weird energy day – mind you, I have no truck with metaphysics – but this day seemed committed to bummer mojo! Nothing specific, just seemed like every time I looked up something nuts was going on – not to me, just in my mental ecosystem.

Started with a horrific and visually stunning plane crash in Taipei, the video of which shows a lone truck on a bridge getting poleaxed by the tip of the wing. It’s a million-to-one shot, but not really different from any other accident we all run into – which put me on my toes for the rest of the day.

Skeleton_fullThen I get a letter from an acquaintance I met through my Success Meetup, who’s really having a long, tough time of life. There’s nothing I can do to help beyond encouraging her to maintain a realistic, positive perspective – which I know is the most important thing, but also sounds sort of hollow when you don’t have a deeper discussion about what it means to be positive. It’s not “put on a happy face” it’s “you can be negative, or positive, the best place to make your decisions from is one of potential, not doom”. Whatever, I felt like a dick after I sent the note.

Then my buddy tells me his grandmother died – again, one can’t really “do” anything to help, just be there for people. I’m a problem solver type person, or put more accurately I’m a “apply some progressive methodology get where you want” type person. And if you’re not of the same mindset, it’s best for me to just nod and listen.

LonelyGuyThe capper was coming home from the office (after getting word of a “police investigation” halting subway service – in this town, that could mean anything from a mugging to a nuclear bomb), walking toward the small staircase that separates a parking lot for two office buildings and my neighborhood. A woman approached me and said there was a man with his pants down possibly having a seizure halfway up the stairs. So I headed over to him, and yes, his jeans were down over his ass and he was hugging the fence kind of softly rocking. He didn’t respond to me, and I was only a foot from him so if he could hear he was either in another place mentally or just didn’t want to engage. He didn’t seem to be in physical pain, just sort of in a trance, looked physically healthy and reasonably well dressed, and again I couldn’t think of a way to take action other than calling the cops – which I decided not to do (don’t feel great about that, but if the shoe was on the other foot and I don’t know that I’d want somebody calling the cops on me). I have no idea if this was the right decision, but do have to accept that it was my decision.

There’s no big, uber-point to all this, just acknowledging that seemingly negative days do exist, but it’s best just to let them be a reminder of all the excellent days we get!