Journal – 01/27/15


Been having some solid, crazy dreams lately, with vast story arcs and amazingly detailed imagery. Exactly the kind of stuff I can use to fill my creative pipeline when my waking mind fails me.

Of course, I lose them the second I wake, which is really pissing me off so I’m committing  to a formal capture activity to see if its possible to document this stuff before it goes poof.

 Some brief snippets I was able to recall over the past three nights:

  • In what looks like a dollhouse basement, I and some unidentified others are harvesting spiders (which are large, albino things with an almost plastic finish) into jars, for use by my sister Diane. I think she’s baking.
  • A spectacular architectural dream – vast interior spaces – reminiscent of vintage Windsor McCay drawings, as best I can tell is the Vatican. I witness a bloody fight (in a huge bed festooned with white sheets) between an old man (who I think is the Pope) and what looks to be a three-year old boy. The old man destroys the kid and throws his body to the ground.
  • I’m in a meeting where all the furniture is made from toaster-oven sized, black and white Lego blocks. People constantly reconfigure the desk and chairs as the meeting progresses.

All of these nutty snippets were part of much larger narratives, and it enrages me that they’re now lost to the ether. In my quest for better recollection the first thing I’m going to do is ensure my alarm is set to the nerve-rattling buzz (not WAMU which is broadcasting BBC at that hour, which is like catnip to my Anglophilic ears), hearing language seems to banish the visions rapidly. Second, I have to postpone my habitual trip to fire up the coffee till after I’ve committed whatever I remember.

So, that’s my quest for the next few mornings, I’ll keep you posted on whether I’m successful.