Journal – 01/25/15


It’s a weird, ambiguous word. It covers everything from what kills us to random perversions. I’m just being disgruntled because I had to burn vacation time to nurse my sneezing snuffling sniffling achy fever loser body. My lungs feel like somebody pumped ‘em full of epoxy and my throat feels like I repeatedly swallowed a cheese grater. Yeah, I’m whining like a little baby, but being a bachelor these solitary binges of self-pity don’t have the edge of theatricality I get when I have an audience. I guess this as good a chance as any to meditate on next steps – life doesn’t wait!

I had a good 2014, and think of it as the last year of “Greg 3.0” and look forward to creating the new, improved 4.0 version of yours truly. One of the things I’ll be doing is creating a more frequent presence here and on social media in general. My goal is to connect with creative minds, share insights I’ve gained and begin evolving back into a full-time creator.

With this in mind, I’m noodling through a manifesto of sorts, to focus my efforts. I’ve begun by distilling what I believe to be the essential spirit of the thing and this is what I’ve come up with so far:

  1. Ruthlessly commit to self-knowledge/awareness
  2. Unconditionally accept full responsibility for what you control
  3. Unambiguously define what you want from life
  4. Pursue harmonious, curiosity-based relationships
  5. Respect mortality – yours and that of others

I’ll keep you posted as things progress, just wanted to share in case it’s helpful to you in creating your own vision. Be kind, be excellent.