Comic Book Art

CA_HireMuscleHired Muscle, Inc. – HMI represents a melding of my love of the sequential art storytelling of comics, and my time in the trenches of corporate America. I thought it was pretty amusing, hope you do too!



CA_PlaguePlague – Created while I was living in abject poverty, in Indianapolis, making cabinets for fish tanks (the triple-double of pain). Which, I think, informs it’s rather dark vision. Savage as it is, I still find the concept of a protagonist slowly going insane, while doing the right thing compelling.


CA_KirbyKirby-a-Day – Wanting to reconnect with my comic roots during my 2012 sabbatical, I decided to interpret one panel of Jack Kirby art per day for a month, very fun!



CA_FirstHawkThumbnailsFirst Hawk Page Thumbnails – A little too ambitious for its own good, this project remains unfinished, victim of full time corporate employment. The story, written by Todd Jackson, deals with an ancient priest bringing about the first laws. Think “Hammurabi with wings” and you’ll get the picture.


CA_FirstHawkSketchesFirst Hawk Sketches – I was planning on rendering the “First Hawk” pages in watercolor, these are the preliminary sketches.



CA_BatmanBatman & Superman – Created these pieces for my nephew Josh and the son of friend of mine, also some sketches for the abandoned “First Shot” project.



CA_ConceptsConcepts & Fun Stuff – A grab-bag of various ideas and sketches.




CA_WarCathedralWarCathedral – Started this before I went off to Virginia Commonwealth U, and never touched it again. Thought about it when I contacted Paul Gulacy, an old school comic artist, who still creates wonderful work and I don’t think he’s given the props he deserves. Anyway, take a look at testosterone fueled imagination of Todd Jackson, and yours truly.