Illustration / Animation

Mousepad“Roxy” Marketing Campaign – Federal deregulation of the Utilities industry created an opportunity for AMS to help energy corporations benefit, not suffer, from the new regulatory environment. This campaign used humor, bold imagery and positive messaging to enforce the concept that what could be cause for fear and retrenchment, was in fact, and opportunity for growth.



boxerAMS Editorial and Spot Illustrations – Being able to communicate complex ideas without text, or enhancing understanding of text, is one of the most interesting challenges in corporate art. Speed is an issue, most projects have a two to six day life-cycle, decisive execution and client management is vital. These examples show solutions for a diverse set of projects, the common thread very tight deadlines and little iteration, and satisfied clients.


Color_TrainAmtrak Editorial and Spot Illustrations – Includes “Sgt. Dojo” character I created as part of a campaign to educate Amtrak Police personnel on common dangers encountered.




lookingMicrosoft Agent Animation Project – Innocuous looking fellow isn’t he? Well, he took me on a serious journey of pain, learning and discovery, in that I was assigned to create custom animations (never actually having animated anything before, but I could draw so that was good enough) for our annual stock analyst meeting where we used “active x” technology to render one of our senior vice presidents in digital form, in three weeks.