90 Day Transition: Kickoff

Let’s Roll

90_Day_TransitionI ran into some technical difficulties with Stickk.com that caused me to start my goals today vs. last Sunday. A small annoyance, but it coincides with a spectacular spring day here in the DC area, and I’m stoked to be “official”.

(Read the overview for the basics of this 90 day push.)

Commitment is key to this success

It’s easy to be momentarily passionate about something, even to flit passionately between many things, but in the end this approach masks the need to tackle “big” things. We all have ’em, for me at the moment the biggies are primarily physical condition and vigorous creativity on my novels. I psyched myself out thinking about how far away the completion of my third novel is on the calendar – and the only fix for me is to focus on daily creative production.

“Knowing” what to do and doing it, is the gulf between nothing and something. Writing the goals and posting them to Stickk.com is the “knowing” part, getting up tomorrow at 3:30 fully rested and editing by 4:00, in the truck by 5:30 for the gym, ready to add value at the office by 8:00 is where commitment matters. My discipline and  drive have been weak for over a month, and I’m committed to that ending now. Each day will offer challenges (the most daunting the ones between my ears), the way to overcome them is discipline and commitment.

Each week on Sunday I’ll report here whether I’ve been successful or have failed, and will discuss what factor contributed to either. Hope you come along for the ride, and in the process decide to start your own goals!

The 90 Day Goals

Black Nouveau Novel – Final Edits
Edit a minimum of 25 pages per week. Starting at page 7 of 331, the goal period is just short of completion, but the intention is to complete the book in this period. If goal completes early, it rolls over to “Hard Knox” second draft.

Weight Loss
Lose a minimum of 1 pound per week. Starting weight 287 ending weight 275.

Blog posts
Write and post a minimum of 3 posts per week.